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It awesome, but...

You see everyone is all about the adds! But ,I mean, im really annoyed by the constant glitching and stopping when im trying to listen to music. And the fact that a tab that keep coming up that says get pro ver. And it stops the video. And i dont even have a choice if i want it. But besides that the app and its concept is cool

Tubi Music

Most songs wont play. Keeps saying error no playback. Commercials play though if thats what youre into. NOT!!! May have to delete app.


listening to music on youtube is easier than ever. Thumbs up

Not working

I would add a song to a playlist and it wont show on my playlist but it will say 1 song but no music. Someone help

Its ok

Pretty good just slow sometimes

Really worth it

I love this app, although the ads are annoying its very well balanced




Very good app but can you only have 5 songs in a playlist


I love this app for what its worth its decent


Its good but its jus the ads

It is really good

I have been using this app for a few hours and it has been working really fast but I dont know if it works without wifi


Some days it works and some days it doesnt. Its really aggravating when youre trying to work out and the music keeps stopping and you have to stop to restart it!! Grrrr


Pretty good

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